Careers at DeepSig

Help grow our unique and diverse team!

DeepSig Inc. is a venture backed and product centric software technology startup building revolutionary wireless processing software solutions using modern machine learning techniques to transform baseband processing, wireless sensing, and other key wireless applications. We are excited to be building the next generation of artificial intelligence driven wireless systems and are looking for exceptional candidates who are equally excited to be working in this space! We are looking for creative, talented, driven, and enthusiastic candidates to help grow our team and to help explore and expand our research, software development, business engagement and numerous other roles. We work with a uniquely diverse & interdisciplinary team, customer, and partner base across industry, academia, government, and open source communities, and offer a uniquely fun, focused, dedicated, and exciting work environment!


Open Positions:

Software Engineer
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5G Communications Engineer
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5G RAN and Modem Test Engineer
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Machine Learning Engineer
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Product Manager – Wireless Solutions
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DevOps Software Engineer – 5G
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Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) Engineer for 5G
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Machine Learning Communications Engineer
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IT/Network Infrastructure Administrator
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Quality Assurance Test Engineer
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Finance Manager
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Marketing and Communications Lead
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We are always on the lookout for the best people to join the team. Reach out regardless if you're searching for a change and have the drive, talents, and passion for our mission.

Send an e-mail to with your résumé / CV. Cover letters are encouraged, but not required. You may also use this e-mail address for questions about the position.


DeepSig is growing its technical team while cultivating a collaborative, agile, and fun small-team culture. We value creativity, knowledge sharing, and employee growth, and we encourage participation in scientific publications, conferences, and open-source software. We strive to offer competitive salaries, compelling benefits (including health, dental, retirement, and equity), a welcoming environment, a flexible schedule, and a great work / life balance.


We have three guiding principles for our approach to hiring:

  1. A good hire is when what’s best for the candidate is what’s best for us.

  2. We hire to build & develop a great team.

  3. Every candidate should feel valued & respected as an individual.


The objectives of our interview process are to openly understand if we are a good fit for each other, and to give candidates all of the information they need to make their decision. Our process proceeds in three stages:

  1. Introductory Call - This is our opportunity to explain the position and our company in more detail, and learn about your background and what you are looking for in a new role.

  2. Talking Shop - This is time to learn more about what you’ve done, your interests, and how what you’re looking for fits with our role and team. We’re happy to do this over video conference, but can also meet in-person in our office or over coffee if you’re local and would prefer it!

  3. On-Site Interview - We’ll bring you in to our office to meet the team and give us both the opportunity to learn more about working together. Our approach to this is for us to work together on a problem, usually one immediately relevant to something R&D is currently doing. You will not be asked to solo-solve an engineering prompt on a whiteboard. Your interview will also include time to meet our executive leadership, and if your schedule allows, grabbing lunch with some of the team.