DevOps Software Engineer – 5G

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Type: Full-Time (W2) On-Site, Arlington, VA

We are seeking a full-time software engineer who will help streamline development, testing, deployment, and productization of our 5g efforts through management of a standardized development pipeline. This person will be responsible for maintaining and building out the general software development infrastructure as well as developing and enforcing coding style guidelines, quality control, and continuous integration standards. In the near term, this will involve managing the software repositories, container registries, and DevOps pipelines while developing, maintaining, and helping to enforce version control standards and policies. Future responsibilities will include aiding in the design and development of portable application interfaces for integration of our 5g library with customer software packages. This type of work requires extensive experience with Python, C++, and open-source build tools.

What You'll be Doing:

  • Engage with our 5g project from the prototype phase to a shippable software product.
  • Manage the various components used in development, e.g., Docker images, CI/CD + testing pipelines, Git repositories.
  • Automate the deployment of customer-specific and generic software releases that can be seamlessly deployed on target systems that may vary in hardware and software configurations.
  • Develop and help enforce coding, version control, and unit test standards for all stages of the Python and C++ development pipeline.
  • Help maintain and enforce release and dependency versioning and build systems across all Python and C++-based sub-projects.
  • Aid in the design and implementation of portable APIs for integration with customer hardware and software packages.

Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of DevOps experience
  • A fundamental understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • Comfort with automated testing and deployment of production level software, e.g., GitLab, Jenkins, TeamCity.
  • Experience with developing and maintaining Docker images and Git projects.
  • Ability to work in various Linux environments: local, remote, container, virtual machine.
  • Strong familiarity with Python and C++.
  • Experience with large codebases and complex build environments.
  • Strong communication and teaming skills to work collaboratively and productively in a small company environment.
  • Interest in modem design, machine learning, and/or 5G/RAN hardware (and the intersection of these areas) is a plus.

Education Requirements:

  • Minimum BS in Computer Science
  • MS in Computer/Electrical Engineering is a plus



DeepSig is growing its technical team while cultivating a collaborative, agile, and fun small-team culture. We value creativity, knowledge sharing, and employee growth, and we encourage participation in scientific publications, conferences, and open-source software. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, an employee stock option grant program, an environment where we are excited to be transforming and disrupting how signal processing is done with AI/ML, a welcoming and inclusive environment, a flexible schedule, and a great work / life balance.


Send an email to with your résumé / CV. Cover letters are encouraged, but not required. You may also use this email address for questions about the position.

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