IT/Network Infrastructure Administrator

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Type: Full-Time (W2) On-Site, Arlington, VA

DeepSig Inc. is a venture-backed and product-centric technology startup building revolutionary wireless processing software solutions using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to transform baseband processing, wireless sensing, and other key wireless applications.

We are seeking a full-time, IT/Network Infrastructure Administrator to join our team in Arlington, Virginia focusing on helping build out our hardware and software infrastructure for software development and build/test, machine learning training/test, machine learning operations (ML-Ops), and supporting the secure and efficient scaling of our data center and network infrastructure to support growing computing and machine learning needs. We’re seeking someone experienced in working with modern Linux server environments, network management, good security, compliance, version control and automation practices, and an interest in helping grow and lead our machine learning operations as we grow.

What You’ll be Doing:

  • Working with computing infrastructure for state-of-the-art software and machine learning
    build and test pipelines and helping to automate, improve, and optimize our processes to
    improve exciting new wireless capabilities.
  • Helping us continue to build out, secure and optimize our data center and computing
    network across a unique and growing set of requirements involving software radio
    systems, Open-RAN based 5G cellular lab networks, and state of the art high
    performance computing and GPU servers running machine learning workloads.
  • Making sure our computing systems are working well, securely, and meeting compliance
  • Monitoring computing systems to help track performance, security, and compliance.
  • Helping to understand new computing, software and network needs and develop
    effective solutions and help execute and realize these plans.
  • Working with an exciting engineering and R&D team to help understand new computing
    challenges and customer deployment computing challenges and help solve these.

What we need to see:

  •  A strong knowledge and skill set of modern Ubuntu/Debian Linux, version control
    systems, firewall management, containerization services, automation and scripting
    languages and tools.
  •  A demonstrated ability in provisioning hardware and information systems and helping do
    system engineering to help define new hardware and computing system requirements.
  • Experience (at least 2-3 years) running Linux systems in commercial or government
    environments, working with modern version control (git), containerization, scripting, and
    automation tools.
  • Experience in networking and dealing with firewall, VLAN and network configuration
  • Ability to pass a background check, applicants may be asked to demonstrate certain
    applicable skills during the screening process.
    ● Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States by US citizenship to meet
    certain information processing and contract requirements.


Send an email to with your résumé / CV. Cover letters are encouraged, but not required. You may also use this email address for questions about the position.

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