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OpenRAN opens the traditional Radio Access Network to innovations

One of the most exciting aspects of OpenRAN is its ability to open up the radio access network (RAN) ecosystem to new technology, techniques and innovations! By disaggregating radio units, baseband processing units, and other RAN functionality in a competitive marketplace of ideas, companies, and product offerings, OpenRAN allows us to rapidly build out, demonstrate, and offer new ideas and approaches alongside mature commercial components which are in use today in deployed OpenRAN carrier deployments.

This has been a key enabler for DeepSig in de-risking and demonstrating their machine learning driven baseband innovations and bringing them rapidly to market.

The Open RAN Policy Coalition (ORPC) is a key enabler for promoting adopting of OpenRAN architecture, while connecting and promoting these innovations across small companies, established telecommunications component vendors, carriers, and government partners.   Highlighting this aspect of OpenRAN in promoting startups and innovation, the FCC and ORPC are jointly hosting a webinar on September 29th where we’ll be participating in panel discussing how this helps impact Open RAN and technology leadership in 5G and beyond.

Please join us DeepSig, alongside FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Parallel Wireless, Diane Rinaldo, and several other key enablers to discuss the critical startup role in the Open RAN ecosystem!

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