Reinventing Wireless with Deep Learning

We are pioneering the application of deep learning to wireless.

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Why Machine Learning?

Capture Real World Effects

 Machine learning (ML) uses data-driven models and real-world conditions that common statistical models can’t.


Intelligent Awareness of RF Activity

ML-driven spectrum sensing and classification enables intelligent awareness of RF activity not previously feasible.


Optimized RAN Physical Layer

Unlike individual algorithms, ML can optimize at the L1 system level, benefiting the system as a whole.

Deep Learning For Communications

DeepSig is pioneering the use of deep learning to realize state of the art signal processing and radio systems by developing fundamentally new methodologies and software systems for the design and optimization of wireless communications. By creating new tools, algorithms, and approaches for signal processing systems, DeepSig is able to achieve unparalleled results in system performance.

Deep Learning for Communications
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Next-Gen Wireless

AI for Next-Gen Wireless

The performance goals for 5G are ambitious, impressive, and will be world-changing. Achieving them is also a significant challenge, and as the world races to develop, test, and deploy 5G technology, existing approaches using traditional design methodologies are starting to show some of their limits.

Software Products Optimized from

Our process for creating learned signal processing systems enables us to use a common core software architecture for a range of different applications while still customizing and optimizing model performance for specific application and deployment requirements.


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Featured Products


A new class of RF sensing and awareness using DeepSig’s pioneering application of AI to radio systems.

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An easy-to-use method for visualizing your signal captures and labeling them and training new models for use in AI systems.

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OmniPHY enables a new, radically different approach to communications by leveraging Machine Learning.

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DeepSig is rapidly building out capabilities within partial reference 5G-NR RAN L1 implementation.

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Leading AI/ML innovation in wireless communications

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