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At the heart of DeepSig’s signal processing are neural networks (NN) optimized specifically for telecom. Our software offers drop-in replacements within standard RAN components (e.g. O-RU, O-DU) to provide industry-leading performance that improves capacity, coverage, cost and energy efficiency.

Security & Defense

DeepSig’s AI software offers real-time detection, identification, localization, and notification of wireless activity to provide battlefield and edge-security threat spectral awareness. Whether detecting drone activity or monitoring radar signals, IoT emissions or communications waveforms, DeepSig’s neural network (NN) solutions offer real-time situational awareness in the harshest of environments.

Who we are

The convergence of advanced AI & machine learning with wireless signal processing provides for a new generation of smarter and more efficient wireless systems which learn and improve from data, reduce cost of ownership, and improve spectrum usage and user experience.

DeepSig develops AI/ML foundational software components and products that improve commercial and private wireless communication systems.  Our team of engineers, data scientists, and computer scientists have pioneered the convergence in industry-leading wireless ideas, software solutions, and patent development.

About Us


AI-Native Communications

DeepSig’s OmniPHY-5G solution leverages AI-Native design of fundamental communications system components to drastically improve performance in today and next generation wireless systems. By allowing for complete adaptation in the physical layer, OmniPHY rethinks how communications systems may be learned to improve performance.

ML-Driven Spectrum Awareness

Understanding the wireless spectrum environment in real time is vital for maintaining 5G network performance, detecting anomalous signals, preventing wireless intrusion, and optimizing spectrum utilization.

DeepSig’s machine learning-powered OmniSIG software provides best-in-class spectrum awareness across the wideband spectrum in real-time. Our AI/ML based spectrum sensing techniques provide state-of-the-art performance and reaction time for optimizing wireless networks and protecting from interference and security threats.



Harnessing machine learning within the 5G RAN to improve wireless performance and reduce cost with unique software enhancements for OpenRAN.


DeepSig’s pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Spectrum Awareness software delivering real-time wireless sensing and security for critical systems.

OmniSIG Studio

State-of-the-art software solution for rapidly training, testing, curating, and deploying custom deep learning models and data for new spectrum sensing applications.

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