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Radio Frequency Machine Learning

Next-Generation RF Awareness

OmniSIG is a machine-learning (ML) software application that provides  RF situational awareness to a wide range of radio systems. DeepSig’s custom neural network provides real-time identification, classification, and localization of known and unknown RF signals, enables automated alerting and reaction, and open-standards based descriptions of signal activity. 


Real-time Signal Anomaly Detection and Localization

Identification, classification and localization of signal types allows real-time capture of unknown signals, anomalies, or unexpected changes to the spectrum for later analysis or immediate follow-up action.

1000x Faster

OmniSIG optimized AI detects and identifies signals significantly faster than traditional approaches for real-time reaction to mission critical circumstances.

Versatile Broad-Band Spectrum Sensing

Quickly identify signal types simultaneously across wide instantaneous bandwidths up to 500MHz. Widely used on emitters between  100 MHz and 6 GHz, but AI based approach is frequency band agnostic.

Flexible Radio and Open Integration Support

Broad input compatibility with COTS software-defined radios (i.e., Epiq Sidekiq, NI USRP, Signalhound), VITA-49 standards, and the military’s common Modular Open Radio Frequency Architecture (MORA) standard.  Notification support for open standards including JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and SigMF, syslog, and Elastic for rapid 3rd party integration and interoperability.

Scalable Compute Platform Capacity and Footprint

Efficient runtimes for NVIDIA, Intel®, AMD, and ARM®-based compute platforms allow scaling deployment from HPC/datacenter, to compact mobile & embedded platforms for a wide range of sensing capacity vs SWaP footprint requirements.


OmniSIG’s AI powered signal detection and classification is designed to process real-time wireless data (IQ data) received by supported 3rd party radio devices and platforms through VITA-49 data streams. The connection between radio devices and OmniSIG software can be local or remote with common interface such as USB, Ethernet, or optical depending on available IT networks. OmniSIG software runs on Linux® platforms supporting a range of processors, including ARM, x86, or GPU. OmniSIG can be fully virtualized in containers. FPGA and cloud-based deployments are also supported.

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