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Spectrum Awareness


You can’t react to what you don’t see – Interfering signals can compromise the performance and reliability of any network.  Interfering sources must quickly be identified and resolved to maintain integrity.  However, conventional methods of detection are not fast or effective in distinguishing between complex signal types including previously unseen sources based on simple RF parameters.  This makes it difficult to mitigate a problem you may not see until it is too late.


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OmniSIG® - DeepSig’s pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven, real-time Spectrum Awareness software solution.

Overcome the Obstacles of Wireless 

Go from months to detect and classify a new signal, to hours, for real-time reaction to mission critical circumstances.

Turn unknown signal types into known, for later analysis or immediate follow up-action.

Move from serial identification of signals to simultaneous detection and identification of dozens of signals across wide instantaneous bandwidths, even when they occur at unexpected frequencies.

Go from inaccurate and complex signal classification, to optimized classification accuracy, with neural network support in both time and frequency domains.

Transform your existing workforce from being under-equipped, to advanced capability developers.

Go from reactive to proactive with real-time security alerts and notifications.

How we solve your challenges

1000x faster

Optimized AI detects and classifies signals significantly faster than traditional approaches for real-time reaction to mission critical circumstances. Where it would typically take months of tedious work, classify signals in minutes or hours with OmniSIG.

Unknown Signal Identification

Real-time identification, classification and localization of signal types allows real-time capture of unknown signals, anomalies, or unexpected changes to the spectrum for later analysis or immediate follow-up action.

Quickly identify dozens of signals across wide instantaneous bandwidths 

Quickly detect and classify dozens of signal types at one time, even when found outside of their anticipated allocation.  

Time and Frequency Signature Detection

Neural network support in both time and frequency domains provides improved classification accuracy over traditional techniques. 

Advanced AI Made Easy

With OmniSIG advanced AI capabilities, enable your organization to quickly and easily update supported signal sets of interest with no prior training or experience needed. 
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