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DeepSig Inc. develops innovative software solutions for wireless communications using machine learning. Our products leverage our unique neural network architectures to improve wireless performance, spectrum awareness, and signal processing design. Adapting to the dynamic and complex nature of wireless links and environments, our software can be customized and optimized for many specific applications and requirements.

With decades of combined industry experience, our team of engineers, data scientists and computer scientists have pioneered deep learning for communications and is building and influencing next-generation systems and wireless standards.


DeepSig CEO

James Shea


Tim O'Shea


David Oberholzer

Vice President, Business Development

Tim Newman

Vice President, Federal Partnerships

Greg Meyers

Director of Finance and Accounting

Tamoghna Roy

Director of Machine Learning

DeepSig leadership

Bogdan Kosanovic

Director of Software Engineering


Reshaping the wireless technology ecosystem by integrating deep learning into wireless communications. Through our trailblazing work, we envision a future where wireless networks are optimized for performance and infused with intelligence, enabling transformative applications and services that enrich people’s lives and drive technological progress


Transforming the wireless industry through the power of deep learning, creating innovative methodologies and software systems that are AI-native and data-driven. Delivering unmatched advancements in system performance, laying the foundation for the intelligent future of wireless communication.


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