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White Papers

AI-based RF Awareness for Private Wireless Networks

Enterprise and government facilities considering private LTE/5G networks are generally in the learning and discovery phase of what they need and the best approach to meet their needs. As new private wireless networks are deployed, the need to maintain network performance, lower TCO, implement and manage security, and protect corporate assets will require new practices and tools.

Amplifying 5G vRAN Performance with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

DeepSig’s OmniPHY® 5G AI software integrates Deep Learning  into Intel® FlexRAN™ Reference Architecture and oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library to improve wireless performance and resource utilization of Distributed Unit (DU) Upper PHY software in 5G Open vRAN systems.

A/I Wireless Signal Identification and Analysis Technical White Paper

Radio frequency (RF) signal analysis is becoming essential for various industries as non-interrupted wireless connectivity becomes instrumental to operations. HPE and DeepSig have developed a solution which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and analyze wireless signals.

Using OmniSIG SDK to Create a Drone Detection Model

Creating a custom neural network model for drone detection will enable you to perform signal classification on wireless signals emitted from small commercial drones.


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