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Live AI-Native Pre-6G Air-Interface Demo at MWC24

MWC Demonstration Information

At MWC 2024, DeepSig hosted a live demonstration of its OmniPHY pre-6G modem, which implements an end-to-end AI-native air interface. This live demonstration illustrates a fundamentally new approach to air interface design that is under study for 6G.  We are excited to share, alongside other members of the AI-RAN Alliance, a glimpse of how deep learning is shaping the future of wireless communications!
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AI-Native Air Interface

with OmniPHY E2E

OmniPHY-E2E leverages neural networks in the PHY to learn new methods of transmission, DeepSig’s high performance AI-Native Air Interface offers a new way to communicate over wireless and other channels and provides a building block to the 6G AI-Native RAN.

Building the Next Generation RAN

AI-Native Air-Interface can help improve both Spectral and Energy Efficiency

Letting AI Optimize Spectrum Usage can leader to higher throughput and capacity for all

Study Items for 6G underway in 3GPP, OpenRAN Alliance, Next-G Alliance and elsewhere are considering an AI-Native Air-Interface similar to ours to help drive future RAN Performance!

AI-Native RAN is the only way to maximize efficient spectrum and energy usage at effective cost under the increasingly complex multi-user, multi-sector, distributed massive MIMO future of RAN.

Building Solutions now with 6G technology

Leverage AI-Native Air Interface Today

OmniPHY End-to-end brings a maturing 6G RAN technology into practice today, for point-to-point and non-standards wireless solutions, and helps to mature the input to future standards leading to 6G tomorrow.

Leveraging AI at the most fundamental layer

The physical layer (PHY), is the ultimate frontier in maximizing performance of any communications system.   These technologies are helping to leverage AI directly in the core functions of communications systems, to help empower a wide array of more performant, efficient, and intelligent applications and services for the future.

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