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The 6G Symposium taking place in person on October 11-12, 2022 in Washington, DC is dedicated to the theme of ‘Building the 6G Experience’. The event will be done in collaboration with the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things at Northeastern University, and others. DeepSig’s Chief Technology Officer, Tim O’Shea will be speaking on a panel session on October 12, from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. (EST).

The session titled “Next G Technology – The Air Interface” brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of next generation technology, as well as taking some of the areas of 6G consensus forward in practice. Panelists will focus on how the physical (PHY) layer is being put to the test under planned performance requirements for 6G and which new directions to pursue to support delivery from both a performance and commercial viability standpoint.

“Most visions for the world beyond 5G tend to focus on high-level social demands or technology KPIs, but now is the time to move past the vision stage and start making it a reality. What does that mean for how we live, work and experience the world? Which tech, business and policy approaches will help North America take a global lead? No one knows how all the pieces will fit together by 2030, but we can start connecting the dots to get a better sense of which pieces are missing. 6GSymposium Fall 2022 brings together thought leaders and innovators from a range of backgrounds including industry, government and academia, to ‘show and tell’ what’s on the horizon, why it matters for North America and what the next steps are.” – The 6G Symposium, Building the 6G Experience

Complete list of panelists include:

  • Timothy O’Shea, CTO, DeepSig, Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech
  • Mike Nawrocki, Managing Director, ATIS Next G Alliance
  • Craig Farrell, Global CTO Telecom Industry, IBM
  • Sumit Roy, OUSD (R&E) Innovate Beyond 5G Lead
  • Thyaga Nandagopal, Acting Director, National Science Foundation
  • Sheryl Genco, VP Advanced Technologies, Ericsson

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