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I’m thrilled to share my appointment, by FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, to the Technological Advisory Committee (TAC) of Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which recently announced its membership for 2024 first meeting of the year to be held March 19th, 2024. This committee brings together some of some of the top experts across the tech and wireless industries. As Co-Founder and CTO of DeepSig, I’m incredibly honored to be working alongside these leaders to shape the future of U.S. telecommunications technology and spectrum policy.

The TAC, led by Martin Doczat of the FCC Office of Engineering & Technology (OET), provides technical advice to the Federal Communications Commission on various technology issues to inform its policy-making activities.

Wireless spectrum access and wireless communications systems are key for us at DeepSig. We are excited about how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) promise to accelerate and enhance spectrum sensing, monitoring, access and efficiency. DeepSig will draw on our vast research and development in these areas.

I look forward to working collaboratively in the forthcoming TAC activities and offering expert guidance and input to help pave the way for continued U.S. technology leadership toward an AI-driven 6G era.


About DeepSig, Inc.

DeepSig is a pioneer in AI native wireless communications. Its transformative technology pushes the boundaries of spectrum sensing, wireless performance and network capabilities. Drawing on a unique blend of expertise in deep learning, wireless systems and signal processing, DeepSig’s AI/ML powered software enhances security, efficiency and capacity for tactical and commercial wireless communications in licensed or shared radio spectrum, and in existing 5G Open RAN or AI native next generation networks.

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