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DeepSig Vice President of Business Development David Oberholzer was invited to present at the prestigious Open RAN Solutions Showcase hosted by the Federal Communications Commission on July 14-15, 2021. The two-day livestream webcast gave both fixed and mobile network operators an opportunity to hear directly from vendors whose interoperable, open interface, standards-based 5G network equipment and services will be ready and available for purchase and installation by January 1, 2022—if not sooner. In particular, the FCC intended for the Showcase to be of particular interest and value to network operators planning to participate in the Commission’s Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program in the coming year, under the provisions of the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019.

In a July 14 session titled “Artificial Intelligence Solutions for 5G O-RAN,” David provided an overview of the company and introduced attendees to DeepSig’s advanced artificial intelligence solutions for 5G O-RAN networks including:

Deployed as component software in commercially available 5G Open RAN baseband software platforms, OmniPHY 5G is designed for MNOs, CSPs, private and government networks. A machine-learning (ML) software, it uses real-world radio data to reduce power consumption, increase user throughput and lower CapEx and OpEx.

A new-generation ML-driven spectrum awareness and sensing software, OmniSIG offers ultra-fast signal detection, classification and real time analytics to enable intelligent awareness of RF activity not previously feasible. With a data-driven approach, it rapidly learns new radio signatures, which makes it idea for a wide range of use cases, such as network security and threat detection, spectrum monitoring and spectrum sharing, as well as interference and fault detection to ensure network security.

An advanced ML studio that collects real-world RF signals and quickly generates highly accurate neural network models, OmniSig Studio is a complementary tool set to OmniSIG capable of creating new data models in hours instead of days or weeks while greatly reducing cost and time to create new neural network models. It also allows for the rapid addition of new signals of interest for new use cases.

With the stability of the U.S. economy depending on the reliability, security and integrity of the nation’s communications networks, DeepSig underscored how its advanced AI products support and reduce the extreme complexities of critical 5G applications, provide smarter, greener and more cost efficient 5G networks and increase capacity—all of which will make 5G Open RAN more competitive and enable operators to implement the foundations of future 6G services.

Watch the DeepSig presentation at the RAN Solutions Showcase.

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