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We’re excited to announce a new partnership that will enable Epiq to deploy our artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) software directly onto their software defined radios (SDRs). This will simplify integration and empower Epiq customers with OmniSIG®, the world’s most advanced wireless signal detection and classification technology.

Matchstiq G-SeriesEpiq Solutions has been innovating SDRs for the last 14+ years. Beyond hardware development, they’ve also spent the last decade becoming industry leaders for 4G and 5G signal processing, especially when that signal processing needs to be hosted on a small, low-power FPGA or CPU. Their Skylight network survey tool provides complete insight into the cellular world and can run on their smallest SDRs.

“Advancing RF and signal processing capability in small form factors is core to Epiq’s strategy. Partnering with DeepSig to accelerate the adoption of AI/ML applications at the RF edge is going to enable the next generation of RF missions,” says John Orlando, Epiq Solutions CEO & Co-Founder.

Epiq’s most recently announced SDRs take a new step forward in enabling signal processing at the edge, and both the Matchstiq G-Series and Matchstiq X40 integrate an Nvidia Orin NX CPU/GPU module with the rest of the traditional SDR subsystem of an RF front-end, flexible transceiver, and FPGA. This opens up a new opportunity to host more advanced software applications that take advantage of AI/ML applications on low SWaP (size, weight and power) SDRs optimized for small form factor dismounted and UxS applications.

Together with DeepSig, Epiq will sell full licenses of both OmniSIG (for signal detection and classification) and OmniSIG Localization (enabled by direction of arrival estimation), as well as full sets of OmniSIG Studio so customers can build their models based on captured RF signals of interest. Finally, DeepSig will integrate Skylight natively into OmniSIG, enabling users to detect and identify cellular signals in OmniSIG and then pass the signal to Skylight for full decode and analysis.

“The combination of OmniSIG and Epiq’s G-series and X40 SDRs is incredibly powerful. Machine-learned signal identification and direction finding can now fit in the palm of your hand and be deployed on commercial timescales and volumes for applications like UAS payloads,” says Tim Newman, DeepSig Vice President, Federal Partnerships.

Additionally, Epiq will deliver a demo license of DeepSig’s OmniSIG software application pre-installed on each Matchstiq G-Series and X40 platform to allow customers to test drive OmniSIG’s signal detection/classification capability more easily.

Each system will be preloaded with a detection model to support the real-time classification of LTE and Bluetooth signals received. No internet connection is needed, and all of this will be available through OmniSIG’s web UI, which is served up right from the Matchstiq platform: connect your PC, open a web browser, and you’ll be observing the power of AI/ML processing on a small form factor SDR in real-time.

The RF landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and the combination of Epiq’s SDRs and DeepSig’s AI/ML expertise can help ensure you’re ready to tackle each challenge as it arises.

For more information, contact Epiq at or DeepSig at

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