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DeepSig’s new 5G Wireless AI Lab has officially opened. The lab includes an end-to-end 5G network using state-of-art, commercial grade, multi-vendor products and tools. The 5G Wireless AI Lab focuses on measuring and validating machine learning software on over-the-air calls and data using 5G Open virtual radio access network (vRAN) and signal classification for dynamic spectrum allocation and interference mitigation.

DeepSig’s 5G Wireless AI Lab is conducting advanced research and product development for cutting-edge artificial intelligence in wireless signal processing and radio frequency sensing. This work includes industry-first enhancements to 5G OpenRAN software that improves user experience, network capacity, and lowers costs to operators by using machine learning optimizations within radio signal processing components.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for 5G vRAN is an exciting area for optimizing and securing both public and private telecommunications infrastructure. DeepSig’s expertise and capabilities proven here are a vital component to make these systems more efficient, competitive, and economical.

DeepSig’s 5G Wireless AI Lab is also conducting research and development and tests for next-generation 6G wireless communications systems. This critical work is pioneering improvements to next-generation radio access network compared to human-engineered 4G/5G systems today. DeepSig continues to develop critical, enabling infrastructure technologies for tomorrow’s intelligent Internet of Everything.

There’s an exciting future for DeepSig’s 5G Wireless AI Lab. Research and innovations developed by their expert team and strategic partners will be used to improve the way wireless communications perform, protect and evolve.

DeepSig Inc. is a venture-backed and product-centric technology company developing revolutionary wireless processing software solutions using cutting edge machine learning techniques to transform baseband processing, wireless sensing, and other key wireless applications.

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