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AIML 5G_Challenge_withUAEv3

Tune in for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) webinar on November 27, 2020 to see DeepSig CTO, Tim O’Shea speak to how artificial intelligence and machine learning are optimizing the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN), and how they are building the foundations of the 6G data-driven RAN.  Learn more about this event on ITU’s site here.

This talk will highlight how AI and ML techniques are embracing data in order to better shape efficient radio access networks today and even more so in future cellular technology. We’ll focus on how the physical layer can be thought of as a data-driven machine learning problem, and what this means for better radio and gNB performance in today’s systems. We’ll also discuss how this could more deeply impact future, beyond 5G radio waveform and protocol design to further increase efficiency and density. We’ll provide an overview of work we’ve been doing at DeepSig and at Virginia Tech in order to help realize these visions and discuss other areas where AI/ML techniques hold enormous promise in helping to optimize future wireless systems. Overall, we’ll highlight how data, data driven competitions such as the ITU AI/ML 5G challenges, and data-driven optimization and validation of approaches are an important avenue for communications engineers to embrace at many levels of the stack as communications systems evolve.

Join us on November 27, 2020. Find out more information here. 

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