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Experts in AI and ML for wireless communications to speak focused on AI, and how automation can best support Open RAN for 5G and beyond

Arlington, Virginia, April 20, 2022 — DeepSig, a product-centric technology company developing revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI), wireless processing software and machine learning (ML) techniques, is speaking at the Telco AI World Summit. The event, which is co-located with the Open RAN World Summit taking place April 26-28 in Berlin, Germany, will feature DeepSig CTO, Tim O’Shea in a presentation and panel discussion focused on AI/ML benefits in 5G Open virtualized RAN.

“This is an important industry event,” says Jim Shea, DeepSig CEO. “With the convergence of advanced AI and ML in wireless signal processing, we can build a new foundation for the next generation of smarter and more efficient wireless systems which can learn and improve from data, reduce the cost of ownership and improve spectrum usage, security, and user experience. Industry collaboration is key. These events provide a unique opportunity to share insights and learnings from experts with the same goals and vision.”

Tim O’Shea will present during the Focus Day of the show (April 26) at 1:10 PM CET: Leveraging AI to Improve Open vRAN Performance.

  • Deploying low latency AI/ML to improve DU baseband performance
  • Leveraging radio access data to maximize spectrum efficiency and QoE
  • Reducing CapEx and OpEx using an AI-enabled vRAN software

Following his presentation, Dr. O’Shea will participate in the panel discussion: “Where Can AI and Automation Best Support Open RAN?” and will cover:

  • Understanding the Open RAN domains that can be transformed with AI
  • How AI data-driven functions improve Open vRAN component and network performance
  • Dev-ops, operations & maintenance, dynamic infrastructure optimizations and user-centric optimizations: where are the most exciting opportunities?
  •  From AI to machine learning: what technologies can be utilized for test, verification and run-time monitoring?

A recent 2021 Juniper survey found that 95% of respondents believe their organizations would benefit from embedding AI into their daily operations, products and services. Additionally, 88% of respondents say they want to use AI as much as possible.

“Todays’ telecom providers as well enterprises with private networks are expected to both provide next-generation services and lower costs,” adds Shea. “AI and ML can enable these organizations to be more efficient, reduce OpEx and CapEx and deliver an optimized 5G and 6G experience by inserting AI-Native RAN software in the baseband.”

DeepSig also recently announced its completion of the world’s first AI-Native 5G over-the-air call. The call featured a commercial 5G handset and 5G NR standalone network to data services on the public internet. This was a major industry milestone that demonstrated the superior efficiency of an AI-Native air interface for today’s 5G and future 6G networks. The call was achieved in DeepSig’s 5G Wireless AI Innovation Lab over a private, virtualized 5G OpenRAN system.

About DeepSig, Inc.

DeepSig is a pioneer in AI native wireless communications. Its transformative technology pushes the boundaries of spectrum sensing, wireless performance and network capabilities. Drawing on a unique blend of expertise in deep learning, wireless systems and signal processing, DeepSig’s AI/ML powered software enhances security, efficiency and capacity for tactical and commercial wireless communications in licensed or shared radio spectrum, and in existing 5G Open RAN or AI native next generation networks.

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