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As part of the 6G Symposium, DeepSig is excited to be participating in the panel “The Role of AI/ML in 6G Wireless Systems”. DeepSig CTO, Tim O’Shea, will speak on the panel on October 20, 2020. This session, hosted by Prof. Chowdhury at Northeastern University, will explore one of the most critical and fundamental aspects of the technology that will drive 6G, how AI/ML technologies are already helping to shape and enable this fundamentally new approach to wireless systems, and how open system architectures such as OpenRAN are helping enable this evolution. We’re looking forward to participating in the panel alongside NVIDIA, Interdigital, DARPA, and UCLA.

6G is a ways off, as we’re all still optimizing, deploying and scaling solutions to make 5G radio systems more efficient, performant and affordable in today’s network. However, the technologies that build and empower 6G are now taking form, and the vision for 6G is beginning to become slightly more clear as these technologies evolve. We have been excited to be at the forefront of some of these technologies especially within the physical layer.

We are excited to see the convergence of machine learning-driven awareness of spectrum usage to achieve unprecedented spectral efficiency and management, and the usage of machine learning to actually shape our modulations, spatial diversity and antenna processing methods, within the modem. These techniques combine to provide some of the core technology enablers we see as driving 6G wireless, providing both the awareness and the means to push to the absolute limit out of highly complex, dense, multi-user systems where we will achieve state-of-the-art performance over a plurality of difficult mediums and optimization challenges of the real world.

For more information on the session on October 20th, please check out the info page here and attend our session, or feel free to reach out to us.

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